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Filming tips for beginners
Tolstoy blog post
by Dov Kaufmann
Nov 16, 2021
5 min read

Just like any other video, filming your Tolstoy should be; engaging, high quality, and leave a lasting impression. Tolstoy needs to take viewers on a journey and keep them engaged the entire time.

Produce a professional-looking, polished Tolstoy by implementing a few basic filmmaking tips.


It is no secret that you don’t need any fancy equipment to film a high-quality video, as most smartphones today come with a decent camera. Make sure to use your back camera, as it’s of much better quality than the front (“selfie” camera).
Of course, you can also use a webcam if you prefer. 


Lighting is by far the most important factor that will make or break your video. For lesser quality cameras, the quality decreases significantly when filming at night with artificial lighting. Soft light, like morning or early evening, is usually more flattering than midday lighting. If you must film during the middle of the day, you can soften the light by covering the window with a sheer curtain or a white sheet. Also, make sure that the light source is in front of you, not behind you or to your side! 


There is no need to invest in an expensive microphone - just make sure that you're in a quiet environment; good sound is critical when recording videos, and ensures your viewers can clearly hear and understand what you are saying. 


Before filming, you’ll need to decide your video orientation, and plan accordingly. If you’re going for a horizontal shot, you would want to pay more attention to your background, and your position within the shot. It would also be best if you position yourself in the middle of the screen.


Don’t neglect your background! While some would prefer a simple, clean background - we believe that adding a bit of personality using your background could add more dimension to your Tolstoy. Depending on your video, you can film in a home office, bedroom, or kitchen! Just make sure that your background is neat, and doesn’t take too much attention away from you. 


No need to wear a formal suit for a casual Tolstoy, but pay attention to the way your clothes appear or sound in your Tolstoy. For example, some patterns, like stripes or dots, can cause the footage to look disrupted, as certain cameras cannot properly process certain patterns. 
Another thing to consider is jewelry, that may cause unnecessary noise, as well as reflective glasses. 

Body language 

Body language is crucial when creating videos! Use calm, open, and friendly body language. Relax your muscles, make sure you are sitting straight, and most importantly - smile! It makes a world of a difference. 

Let them think 

If your Tolstoy includes many choices, make sure to take a few moments at the end of each part to let your users choose. 

Be yourself 

Cliche, but true - there is no need to take on some unrelated persona. Being your authentic, friendly self will result in the most compelling video, and will connect the most with your audience. 

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