Tolstoy allows you to
tell better stories
through interactive videos

1. Record it on your phone

Record a few short videos using your phone, and tie them together using Tolstoy’s simple interactive video builder.

record videos with tolstoy

2. Publish it anywhere

It takes less than a minute to embed Tolstoy on your website, landing page, or blog. You can also share your Tolstoy in emails, texts, or on social media.

3. Collect responses

Your viewers will respond with video, audio, text, or image. With Tolstoy, you can easily manage entire video and audio conversations that are deeper and more authentic than traditional chatbots.

4. Collect analytics

Get notified whenever someone engages with your Tolstoy, so you can reach out immediately. You'll also get access to a full and powerful analytics dashboard, so you can create super-smart segmentation based on your viewers' responses.

Share your Tolstoy however you want

Embed it on your site

Easily add Tolstoy to any site with our short JavaScript code. It takes less than 5 minutes and looks amazing.

Video chatbot

Amaze visitors with an interactive video experience, that sits on the side of your site. Just like a chatbot, but a lot more human.

In emails

Send your Tolstoy inside emails, individually or as part of a campaign, to increase engagement and clicks.

Integrate with your existing tools
in a few clicks