Supercharge your learning & development with video

Onboard, develop and train your employees with interactive video lessons and video quizzes.

These amazing businesses use Tolstoy for learning and development

Easy to record for distributed teams

Unlike traditional L&D platforms, recording video content is so easy with Tolstoy - that anyone can do it. Let every partner and distributed team create their own content modules.

Branching for better education & analytics

Branching videos let you make sure that your viewers are engaged. Break down complex lessons into key components and tie them together with personalized questions and paths. You can also use branching to qualify your viewers and get deep insights into what they like and who they are.

Ready-to-use learning portal, Quizzes, and Progress Bars

Build unique training modules and sections, and track your viewers’ progress with easy-to-use quizzes.

Let people ask questions in different parts

At any point in a Tolstoy video, your viewers can ask questions. You’ll receive these questions in context of where they were asked in the video.