Drive activation and retain your users with in-app video messaging

Use in-app video to increase engagement, drive feature adoption, update customers, and so much more.

It’s like having a 24/7 Customer Success Manager living inside of your app.

These amazing brands use Tolstoy videos inside their apps

Guide & educate users with a real person, not a wizard

Add authentic video messages throughout your product, to guide action while building personal relationships with every single user.

In-app video messaging that shows up when needed

Pop-up contextually relevant video messages throughout your onboarding flow to double activation rates, increase customer satisfaction, and build a personal connection with your users.

Easily set rules and trigger to deliver the right message to each user at exactly the right time.

Make the complex feel simple with branching videos

Showcase only the most relevant features and value proposition to each type of customer with branching videos.

Let customers choose what they want to learn about, to give them a deeper understanding of your platform at twice the speed.

Let your users ask questions and book meetings, in-video

Tolstoy’s calendar integrations let users schedule meetings with your team. With video responses, they can ask questions directly inside each video, as well answer surveys.

Explain your pricing, announce new features, and more

Add a Tolstoy to your pricing page to give context and convert more users. Send a Tolstoy in an email to promote new feature releases and educate users on their value. And pop it up inside your app, as well!

Video product walkthroughs

Instead of making users sit through a 40-minute Youtube demo of your entire platform, you can use branching videos to let them choose exactly which feature or value they want to learn about.

Measure and improve your customer feedback quickly by using our NPS template

Amazing templates to get started

Use one of our jaw-dropping templates to get started with Tolstoy immediately.

For example, try out this NPS (Net Promoter Score) template to gauge customer loyalty and company perception.

Integrated with your help desk

Automatically open any chat system directly from your Tolstoy —with no code required.

Respond faster and deliver excellent customer experiences with a human touch.

Tolstoy works where you work
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Customer Success Story

Drive discovery to reduce churn

Pencil, a creative AI platform, generates ads using artificial intelligence. Their platform is highly customizable, and relies on users to best set up the platform for their needs. Pencil needed to launch an interactive onboarding and product tour that adjusted to each person to activate more users more effectively.

By using Tolstoy in their set up and onboarding process, users better understood Pencil’s value, and has led to a 35% faster rate to first time value and a 22% decrease in user churn.

• 35% faster rate to first time value

• 22% decrease in user churn

Drive discovery to reduce churn