Recruit faster and better with pre-recorded video interviews

We enable Talent Acquisition teams to attract and hire the right people with asynchronous video interviews

Recruit faster and better with pre-recorded video interviews
These amazing brands use Tolstoy TO RECRUIT TALENT

Personalized hiring processes

Tolstoy provides a fresh take on hiring that candidates actually want to engage with.

Explain the position, introduce the team, and display company culture in a new way.

Improve candidate experience

Improve the candidate experience with on-demand video interviews, a human face, and interactive elements.

Improve candidate experience
Find the best culture fit

Find the best culture fit

Evaluate whether a candidate’s values aligns with your organization’s values more efficiently through interactive video (or audio-only whenever relevant).

And let your candidate get a sneak peak into your own company’s culture at the same time.

Keep candidates engaged

Increase candidate engagement and response rates with Tolstoy’s asynchronous replies.

Provide flexibility to candidates so they can record messages at the times and places that work best for them.

Keep candidates engaged

Easy to use response dashboard helps keep candidate replies organized for recruiters

Use case

Wellory hires hundreds of remote workers every month with Tolstoy

Wellory, a nutrition coaching app, needed to hire a large volume of qualified nutritionists to help guide their app users.

To bring in top talent and the right culture fit, Wellory uses Tolstoy to attract, screen, and hire at scale.

53% Increase in relevant hires

27% Reduction in time to hire

Integrated with your current ATS

We're built to fit into your hiring workflow.
Send all of your hiring data to your Applicant
Tracking Software, update candidates with Tolstoys via automatic emails, and sync with any calendar management app.