Faster and better support — with video

Wow users by answering questions with screen shares and selfie videos.

These amazing brands use Tolstoy for video support

Add a video chatbot to your app or website in seconds

Use one of our video chatbot templates to add a personal touch to your helpdesk, or record one yourself in seconds.

Add it to your website or app – without any code – to start collecting support questions.

Answer questions with a screen share, selfie video, or even a macro

Share your screen to answer complex technical questions with ease, or guide a user through your site.

Send a selfie video to add a personal touch and communicate more authentically.

Re-use popular answers with macros, to save even more time.

Manage conversations from your inbox

Keep the conversation going by allowing your users to ask followup questions.

It’s just like regular chat support, but so much more personal.

Automatic transcription, powerful search and analytics

Tolstoy automatically transcribes every video and lets you search quickly across all questions and answers, to find exactly what you’re looking for.

With analytics you can uncover popular issues and concerns.

Automatic transcription, powerful search and analytics
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