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Shoppable Videos for Shopify Stores: How they can help you increase sales
Shoppable Videos Shopify

The Power of Video

Video can help you completely transform the way you communicate with your audience, sell products, and tell your brand’s story. So, if you’re a Shopify store owner looking to boost sales and drive customer engagement instantly, look no further than using video in your marketing strategy. 

Why are videos so impactful for Shopify stores? Well, videos can completely capture your customers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout every stage of the buyer journey. From first entering your website to landing on a product page to finally getting to the checkout section, videos can be the tool that keeps customers immersed at every moment throughout their journey on your website. Essentially, video can enable you to completely personalize the customer experience and give each and every customer a sense of your brand and vision in a way that can’t be conveyed through text alone. 

According to Wyzowl in their annual State of Video Marketing report, the amount of online videos that people watch has almost doubled since 2018 from 10.5 to 19 hours, and consumers report being excited to see more video content associated with brands. Even more, Wyzowl reports that 86% of businesses already use video as a marketing tool. 

Some more key findings from Wyzowl’s annual report include:

  • 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI - compared to just 33% who felt that way in 2015, showing the growing importance and impact video has on businesses over time. 
  • 81% of marketers feel that video directly impacts positive growth in sales and revenue. 
  • 94% of marketers believe that video has helped them convey their company mission and products better to customers, therefore increasing user understanding automatically. 

What does this mean for Shopify Store Owners?

It means that if you don’t already include video on your store’s website or in your marketing strategy, it would be a good time to start thinking about incorporating it to not fall behind the pack. It also means that if you’re looking for an innovative way to better convey your products and services to your customers, drive sales and revenue, and invest in marketing efforts that have a high potential for ROI, it may be a good time to think about incorporating an eCommerce video solution as you plan out your next marketing strategy. 

And there’s more - not only has the impact of video increased over time but with the Pandemic causing a  shift towards more online shopping and less in-person experiences, the importance of video tools in your marketing strategy may have become more important than ever. 

Online Shopping after COVID-19

In recent years, video has become a powerful tool for brands in their marketing strategy to capture the interest of their customers. This became even more true after COVID-19, when the world turned completely online for shopping, and customers were now searching online for both retail and a sense of connection.  

According to NielsenIQ, 67% of consumers report that they shop differently now due to COVID-19, turning to more online sources of shopping (and connection) and through technology that allows for convenient customer experiences. 

Consumers are not only turning to online stores but also to brands’ social media channels. When the ability to enter brick-and-mortar stores came to a close and the use of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok were at an all-time high, the ability to convey your company and brand’s message on social became ever more important. In fact, the majority of Millennials and Gen Z think social media platforms are a better place to search for new products than a typical search online. 

The turn to online shopping due to COVID-19 lends the way for Shopify stores to re-think their marketing strategy in a way that can appeal to today’s consumer - one that is no longer going to the nearest mall or convenient store to buy products, but rather turns to online sources to get all of this done. And beyond just buying products, part of the experience typically endured at a typical in-person store needs to be replicated in the online experience - one that provides a sense of human connection. This is the way that brand loyalty can be built and endured over time. 

The Perfect Way to Sell - Shoppable Videos

With consumers moving towards online shopping after COVID-19 and with understanding the power video holds in grasping consumers’ attention in recent years, what puts these experiences all together is a form of content that is Shopify Shoppable Videos. 

What are Shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos are interactive videos that allow customers to learn about your products or brand, and even allows them purchase directly from your video. This creates a smooth experience from a customer’s consumption of content to final checkout.

These shoppable videos for Shopify using interactive video makers such as Tolstoy can give consumers highly personalized content that instantly connects them to your company’s mission or brand, and then makes it easier than ever for to purchase what they want, when they want it, and complete the entire buying journey from inside your video. 

How can Shopify Shoppable Videos help you boost store sales?

Shoppable videos are the next big thing in eCommerce video solutions. They can help you instantly connect with customers by allowing someone from the company to share their story, or promote products in a way that feels similar to how they share content on Instagram or TikTok, then can even let customers purchase through the video at the moment they are most hooked. 

Shoppable videos can take many forms across your website - they can be used on your homepage to introduce your brand, on a collections page to share your product offerings, or at the checkout page to keep customers on the page a bit longer and encourage them to complete the checkout. They can take many forms across different pages of your website to elevate the consumer shopping experience and keep them completely hooked throughout the entire customer journey. 


Due to the shift of online shopping during COVID-19 and with video as the most powerful form of content consumption, there are tons of ways adding Shoppable Videos to your Shopify store can help you take your business to the next level, by allowing you to:

Provide a different and unique channel for sales. You can now give your customers a new and exciting channel for shopping by allowing them to learn about your products and shop directly through your shoppable videos, at the moment they are most hooked after watching what you created. 

Explain your products and services in a more compelling way. In addition to images and text, you can utilize shoppable videos to show compelling footage of your products and make it impossible for viewers to turn away. Utilize influencers, members of your company, or really on anyone you like - to show your customers why they should purchase your products and to make them feel confident that purchasing is the right decision for them. 

Engage your website visitors. By giving your customers the ability to interact directly with content on your site, they’ll become more invested in your products and brand, and therefore more likely to stay longer to learn more (and buy more!) Engaging customers can not only keep your site visitors intrigued while they are browsing through your website, but interactive content can keep your site visitors thinking about your brand long after they leave the page. 

Boost sales and revenue. At the end of the day, Shopify Shoppable video tools such as Tolstoy will help you convert better. Boosting engagement and customer loyalty with personalized interactive experiences will help you take your Shopify store sales to the next level.

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