Editorial Policy

Tolstoy's editorial team consists of qualified and experienced content researchers, writers, editors, and fact-checkers. We are committed to producing content to help e-commerce store owners enhance various aspects of their business operations through interactive videos.

Our content will help any online retailer take full advantage of video content to expand their marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, further product education, and streamline recruiting.

This policy document informs all aspects of the content creation process and is based on the principles below.

Editorial Principles


Our editorial team values honesty, transparency, and integrity in our content and conduct.

Our writers and editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest to ensure our content is objective.

Additionally, we use credible sources of information to validate our claims and ensure our opinions are justified.


As content creators, we are responsible for publishing accurate content that is up to date.

Our editors and fact-checkers carefully examine the content to ensure there are no factual or linguistic errors.

We also stay abreast of developments in the video, marketing, and social media sectors so that our content is still valid. We review and make changes to our content to reflect the latest trends and developments.


Tolstoy strives to publish content that is of a high standard.

To live up to these expectations, we use a streamlined and multitiered editorial process of research, writing, review, and fact-checking.

Furthermore, our team is made up of individuals who are experts in their field. Our writers have specialist knowledge of video platforms and interactive content. Our editors have the required experience in proofreading and reviewing content and a keen eye for details.


Another value we share is delivering content that is accessible to any audience. We use straightforward language and avoid unnecessary industry jargon.

Wherever possible, we use real-life examples to explain the topics of discussion better.

Our content aims to be quick and easy to understand and appropriate for readers of any age, background, and experience level.

Value-Added Content

A cornerstone principle is to produce valuable and helpful content for our readers.

Content researchers first look into our audience's needs and problems, and we only report on relatable and relevant topics.

Tolstoy ensures that every post will benefit our readers with their e-commerce store, whether related to marketing, branding, building customer relationships, or improving customer engagement.

Editorial Process

With the above principles and values in mind, we have developed an editorial process to meet our expectations. We continually evaluate and revise this process to ensure it's as efficient as possible.

The content creation process consists of the following steps:

Research, Outlining, and Topic Allocation

We have a team of specialist content researchers who look into what content will be most relevant and valuable to our target audience. We then select the topics using our findings.

Our team creates outlines based on these topics to guide our writers. They explain the purpose, requirements, and structure of each post.

According to the topic, we choose the best-suited writer from our network of writers to create the content.

Editing and Proofreading

Once our writers have completed the posts, they are sent to our editors to be reviewed and proofread. We look at the article in its entirety and at the finer details to make sure it's well-written, easy to understand, and fulfills the purpose of the post.

Fact-Checking and Sourcing

All content and claims need to be carefully reviewed for accuracy. This ensures that our content is correct at the time of publication and is a trustworthy source of information for our readers.

The fact-checkers also ensure that all our sources of information are reliable and acknowledged in the posts, as we have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

Corrections and Amendments

Our editorial team will review published content periodically to stay current. This means we'll remove outdated details or add new information if there are recent developments in the e-commerce industry.

We also welcome feedback from readers. We encourage people to report any inaccuracies or mistakes so that we can make the necessary corrections.

Should you come across anything you would like changed, please email support@gotolstoy.com with your comments and suggestions.

Tolstoy's content may include links or references to third parties, including their websites, products, services, and resources.

The third parties we reference are not affiliated with Tolstoy, and we don't endorse, advertise, or promote them.

We have no control over third parties and are not responsible for verifying and vetting third party sources.

We strongly recommend that you research and understand their terms and conditions before making a transaction.

Terms of Use

Our content is for personal use only, and users may not use it for commercial or other gains without our prior written consent.


Our content is not a replacement for the services and advice of professionals from any industry. We strongly recommend consulting with an expert or suitably qualified individual or company before taking any important decision or action.


Tolstoy is in no way liable for any consequence of using our website or content. This includes damages, losses, harm, or injury, whether directly or indirectly related to our content.

You use the information and resources on our site entirely at your own risk.