Sell more with powerful shoppable videos for your eCommerce store

To make your brand stand out, discover how Assisted Shopping will transform the way you sell online.

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Face-to-face personal shopping

Add custom overlay text and insert links to your videos to encourage viewers to visit specific destinations

Instant video responses

Direct your viewers to chat with a service rep directly from your Tolstoy

Integrated with your ecommerce platform

Collect lead information, viewer interactions and engagements, time spent watching, and the overall performance of your video.

Track conversions and ROI

Directly observe the impact of your Tolstoy on your conversion metrics with webhook capabilities

Build ecommerce videos that stand out and sell more

From retail giants to first time sellers, Tolstoy’s Assisted Shopping tools help you create effective and beautiful videos to grab your viewers attention and change the way you sell your products.

From shoppable quizzes to personal styling, Tolstoy can take your eCommerce game to the next level.  

“What customers are missing is the personal touch that they get in a store that doesn't happen today online. Tolstoy solved that problem for us”

 Sol Strulovic, Makari Skincare

So many ways to use Tolstoy

video ecommerce with tolstoy

Guide the sale with Shoppable Quizzes

You don’t need a 100-person team to deliver a personalized shopping experience to every visitor who lands on your site.

Collect video feedback and testimonials

Tolstoy lets you collect video responses with ease. Unboxing, reviews,

Handle front-line support

Let Tolstoy handle popular support questions. We integrate with your helpdesk, so you can pop up a Tolstoy from inside your support chat, or open up live support from inside a Tolstoy.

Customer Success Story

Boost your sales with interactive video

Interactive video increases AOV and creates real connections with customers

Makari, a US-based skincare company, has been creating products for over 20 years to address the needs of diverse skin. Their clients vary widely in age and skin needs, meaning that the products they carry must be hyper-specific and focused on individual solutions to these concerns.

Makari needed a way to personalize an on-site quiz feature and highlight their fun brand personality.

Personalized shoppable quizzes and styling help 

They implemented Tolstoy and sales went through the roof. When compared with a strict A/B test, onsite conversions increased by 14%. People who engaged with the Shoppable Quiz were 4% more likely to buy Makari’s skincare products. Additionally, personal styling created a whole new way to sell.

By adding an option to ask for assistance shopping, customer video reviews and questions began pouring in. Within 12 hours of launch, Makari engaged with over 15 new and returning customers.

14% more online conversions

68% revenue boost

Welcome every visitor

Tolstoy’s widget lets you say hello to every prospective shopper.