Using Synthetic Video with Tolstoy

The future of content creation

Synthetic video is revolutionizing the video industry, by making it faster and easier than ever to create content. Here are some top ways that companies are leveraging it with their Tolstoys.

Ways to use it

Video chat bot: Consider video chat bots as a way to navigate a website and guide visitors to main conversion points.

Product walkthrough videos: Create and update product walkthrough videos with Tolstoy’s modular builder and by using synthetic video.

Personalized Customer Success:
Use video to drive product adoption. Now you can personalize your communications with every single user to drive product adoption and increase loyalty.

Increase AOV with The Stylist’s assisted shopping experience


The Stylist

With The Stylist, you can go even further. Tolstoy’s Stylist represents an entirely new approach to eCommerce. The Stylist is a modern way to achieve face-to-face interactions with every single customer, bringing all the benefits of in-store retail associates through asynchronous video chat.

How it works

After adding The Stylist to an online store, viewers can engage with and speak directly to store owners. They can explain what they’re looking for, demonstrate their pain points, and show what they’ve already purchased. Immediately after sending the reply, the store owner is notified and can reply directly back to the customer with a shoppable video.


It’s simple, effective, and builds emotional connections that would otherwise be lost. Peoples' viewing habits and ability to communicate face-to-face have changed forever, making Tolstoy a necessary muscle.

Stores can now deliver an in-store experience to every visitor, without having to be on the line 24/7.

Try Tolstoy - it's free

Where to get started:

1. Set up your Tolstoy account: Tolstoy allows you to build personalized, one-on-one interactive conversations to put on your website, send in emails campaigns, inside your SaaS platform, and much more.

2. Sign up for Synthesia: With Synthesia you can generate pre-recorded AI videos from text in 40+ languages.

3. Alternative: Sign up for Colossyan. With Colossyan you can integrate real people into your videos and watch your engagement grow overnight.

So how do you do it?

1. First, prepare your videos. Depending on your use case, determine how many videos you’ll want to use. We recommend between 3-6 separate videos. Keep the scripts as short as possible, around 30 seconds each. 

2. Go to Synthesia, and generate your videos. For extra help on best practices, check out their help guides. 

3. Next, head over to Tolstoy and create a new Tolstoy. Then choose “Make my own” and "Upload a video" option. Upload your Synthesia video. You can add overlay text, and decide how people should "answer" the particular step. Click save, and you have your first "step"!

4. Create more steps in Tolstoy until you have created a personalized conversation flow. 

5. Then you're ready to share your Tolstoy. You can embed on your website, as a pop up widget, or in an email campaign. 

6. Track interactions in the Tolstoy dashboard to monitor progress and optimize the journey.

Need to make any changes?
Simply update the video in Synthesia and re-upload the video to the specific step in Tolstoy. That’s it! For more help contact and we’d be happy to help.