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DEUX Foods tripled conversions by bringing their Tiktok strategy to their storefront


Lift in Conversion




DEUX is a rapidly growing US-based food brand selling vegan, gluten-free, and deliciously enhanced cookie dough and dessert spreads. In other words: DEUX is reinventing the wheel so that dessert lovers don't have to pick between taste and health. The DEUX team needed a solution that could help showcase their authentic content and push product education on-site, in turn helping them boost vital conversion metrics.

"To this day, founders reach out to us about our Tolstoy widget on-site. It’s an effortless way to integrate dynamic video content that drives tangible ROI."

Patrick Butcher, Head of Marketing at DEUX


  1. The DEUX team built an impressive organic audience on social but needed an effective way to showcase that same authenticity and founding story on their website.
  2. Due to the brand’s novel product line, shoppers needed an easy option to learn more about DEUX’s product benefits — beyond static product shots and FAQ pages. 
  3. Any new tech solutions would have to be low-lift for DEUX's lean team of five.

DEUX wanted to translate their popularity and content from social media to their website to attract more customers. They needed to simplify the explanation of their product in a way that people would love to consume. Importantly, DEUX is a small team and doesn’t have much bandwidth, so they needed a solution that was fast and easy to launch. Having grown an impressive audience on social media with their authentic content and customer-first mission, the DEUX team was looking for an effective way to showcase that same authenticity on their website. The brand’s conversion rate was strong, but the team wanted to see how they could improve it – especially knowing that many of their customers recognize their founder from a handful of national TV appearances like Shark Tank and The Today Show. 

In addition, the DEUX team believed that showing more UGC-style videos would allow potential customers to explore their products in a way they couldn’t before. It occurred to the team that their static product shots and FAQ pages may not be providing the type of connection between brand and customer that customers were getting on their social channels. They thought that exploring on-site video might be a way to bridge the gap.

To do so, they turned to Tolstoy.

“We knew that we needed to push the DEUX founding story and additional product education on-site – but we just didn’t have the right tools to do it.”
– Sabeena Ladha, CEO


  1. After finding Tolstoy on another brand’s site, DEUX knew that interactive videos could solve its authenticity and education issues – and quickly onboarded.
  2. Post-installation, interactive Tolstoy videos were able to replicate authentic shopping experiences and “face-to-face” support for DEUX’s digital experience.
  3. Tolstoy helped humanize DEUX’s site in a way that static photos and copywriting couldn’t – in turn helping new customers feel more connected to the brand.
Interactive Video (Founder Story)

Whenever DEUX looks for inspiration, the team studies brands that they really admire. That’s how they wound up on the Omsom site and discovered Tolstoy in action. Omsom features a Tolstoy in the corner of every page, displaying a welcome video from their co-founder. After seeing Omsom’s interactive videos live, DEUX immediately reached out to the Tolstoy team – sensing that the tool could be the solution for DEUX’s authenticity and education problems. In making the decision to install Tolstoy, DEUX points out that these videos would imbue their site with the personality, backstory, and effortless product education they need. 

To put it succinctly, shoppers don't want to put in the extra work to investigate a product they don't need. Now, DEUX’s site visitors can simply click on the interactive Tolstoy, watch their founder explain the products in ten seconds, and select any more questions they have. Tolstoys bring the ease and authenticity of a person-to-person sales conversation to your online storefront, so customers still receive that guided shopping experience.

DEUX’s team goes further to point out how Tolstoy humanizes your brand in ways snappy copy or beautiful images cannot. "It provides that personal, authentic touch to our website," Patrick explains. With a simple Tolstoy widget, DEUX spotlights the humans behind their brand without distracting from their product. Interactive videos that put a face to your brand creates trust — while also increasing willingness to buy.

Shoppable Videos (Video UGC Repurposed from Tiktok) 

DEUX emphasizes the spike in conversions driven by Tolstoy — namely by repurposing high-ROI social content from Tiktok. DEUX makes it a priority to only partner with influencers who produce consistently high-quality videos. So, it’s unsurprising that influencer marketing is one of their biggest revenue levers by far, across both paid and organic channels. Now, with Tolstoy, DEUX can leverage these top-performing UGC posts directly on-site.

DEUX's influencer content already generates impressive traffic on TikTok and Instagram, but viewers have to click multiple times to navigate from those platforms to DEUX's site. Patrick affirms that this content will convert even more users when embedded directly on the DEUX site — all thanks to Tolstoy. In his words: "There are fewer clicks required for higher conversions. It'll do really well." When content drives returns on socials, it's the natural next step to bring those conversions to your native storefront experience. Tolstoy is helping DEUX do exactly that.



Lift in Conversion



After adding interactive Tolstoys to their website, DEUX saw an increase in AOV. DEUX attributes this to a frictionless customer funnel in which shoppers engage with the Tolstoy to learn about DEUX, their founder suggests starting with their best-seller pack, and the Tolstoy takes users straight to that PDP with the click of a button. Whether the customer’s in the initial discovery stages or demonstrates a high intent to purchase, their entire DEUX shopping experience can happen in one Tolstoy.


"It's really, really quick," Patrick tells us. "Tolstoy is a very turnkey solution. This worked great for DEUX’s marketing team of just two people.”

The future

Looking forward, DEUX is excited to expand its suite of Tolstoy use cases. For instance, the team plans to deploy Tolstoys to showcase "food porn" videos – typically their top-performing videos across Instagram and Tiktok. Plus, it's another way for users to interact with the product aesthetically that's far more captivating (and far likelier to convert) than static product shots. 

“To this day, founders reach out to us about our Tolstoy widget on-site. It’s an effortless way to integrate dynamic video content that drives tangible ROI.”

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