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How LSKD leverages different video formats throughout the customer journey to generate 110x ROI with Tolstoy


Lift in Conversion


Uplift in AOV




LSKD is a fast-growing Australian sportswear brand that prides itself in producing high-quality functional sportswear with a street aesthetic. Tolstoy gave the team at LSKD an easy way to showcase their products and brand with various forms of interactive and shoppable videos, leading to an uplift in conversion rates of 24%.

“Our team at LSKD was looking for a way to showcase on-site video content and swipeable feeds, since they worked so well for us on social media. By doing so, we hoped to ramp up conversion, engagement, and AOV metrics.”

Jemma Cumming, Omni Channel Specialist at LSKD


  1. Make their on-site shopping experience as engaging as being on Tiktok or Instagram.
  2. Increase conversions by targeting visitors with video content relevant to their interests.
  3. Showcase authentic content and UGC to build connections with potential shoppers.

Social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok were the strongest revenue drivers for the LSKD team. Shoppers from these channels showed high engagement, conversions, and AOV. But selling through these channels came at a price, as advertising costs began to balloon and valuable customer data was increasingly collected by these platforms and not being shared with the brand. The LSKD team realized that in order to execute a successful long-term strategy, they would have to find a way to provide a similarly engaging experience on their own website.

Most apparel brands designed their sites to contain branded photos from professional shoots and high-profile influencer campaigns. But from their success on social media, LSKD had learned that their audience preferred to consume authentic, short-form video instead. But would the same videos that worked on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram work on LSKD’s website? The team wasn’t sure. Due to a lack of actionable performance data, they didn’t know what caused certain videos to be more successful than others. So the team set out to find a video solution that would allow them to run experiments and iterate on different types of video content. The solution would have to come with powerful analytics to finally give them the data and visibility needed to make smart content decisions.


  1. Test different kinds of videos on the homepage, collection pages, and PDPs, to determine which would lead to the highest impact on engagement and conversions.
  2. Record interactive videos that mimic face-to-face conversations to uncover customer needs and build customer trust.
  3. Make videos shoppable so customers can buy products in as few clicks as possible.

When LSKD scoured the tech landscape to find the right tool, Tolstoy stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Tolstoy lets merchants quickly create videos and publish them in an instant on their site in multiple video formats. It then provides deep performance analytics for each video. For LSKD, Tolstoy ticked every box. They felt doubly reassured that many leading brands like Omsom and DEUX were already using Tolstoy, as members of the team had previously come across Tolstoy on other websites.

LSKD first added videos to product pages. On a PDP for a specific pair of leggings, the team displayed a UGC video from a real customer trying them on for the first time – and loving them. Since the Tolstoy video lived on a specific product page, most customers who clicked on it were already interested in that SKU. The video was evidently what many on-the-fence customers had been needing, as it immediately impacted conversions. Tolstoy not only solved LSDK’s immediate pain point around boosting engagement and conversion, but it also enabled the brand to convey its authenticity and stand out in a crowded DTC landscape.

“Our team was able to use Tolstoy right away,” says Cumming. “Everyone was excited about the uplift it was going to bring to our site from an authenticity and engagement perspective. Tolstoy provides a genuine and meaningful shopper interaction. Tolstoy isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a must-have.”

The team quickly developed a thesis for the type of videos that worked best on their site. Each video showcases a charismatic customer/creator wearing the product and should focus on a specific aspect of the product, such as quality or sizing. Jemma makes a point to add that those creators should be customers who live and breathe LSKD’s values and genuinely love the product. As the team rolled out more videos on more pages across their site, they noticed that shoppers were watching many videos more than once. So the team next tested Tolstoy’s new Swipeable Video Feed functionality, which allows customers to swipe through multiple videos, just like on Tiktok or Instagram Reels.

“With Tolstoy’s shoppable feed, customers can scroll like they normally would on Tiktok or Instagram. That’s crucial for us to meet consumers where they are – and Tolstoy enables exactly that.”

LSKD quickly implemented and deployed this on their product category pages and PDPs, and saw further increases in time-on-site and engagement. The team then embedded the Video Feed as a gallery of videos on their homepage, showcasing customers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



Lift in Conversion


Uplift in AOV



After deploying Tolstoy, LSKD saw improvements across conversion rates, AOV on product pages, and customer engagement. 12% of product page visitors engaged with a Tolstoy video – a staggering metric. Since launching Tolstoy feeds, LSKD has also seen higher site browsing times and an increase in product page views.

“The Tolstoy feed keeps people on your site for longer,” says Jemma. “Since launching it, our shoppers view more and more products, in a completely natural way.”

The embedded Tolstoy Feed on the LSKD homepage performed so well, in fact, that the team decided to keep it up permanently. It was easy to update the videos in the Feed, so the team was able to always have fresh content on-site.

“Tolstoy is a no-brainer,” says Jemma. “There's no reason not to use it. It elevates what you're already doing and adds another layer to connect authentically with your buyer. We’ve seen enormous benefits from using Tolstoy – almost immediately.”

The future

While the LSKD team will always provide a traditional ecommerce buying experience to include every shopper, they plan on continuing to emphasize Tolstoy’s swipeable, shoppable feeds to elevate that experience and let modern consumers – namely Gen Z – shop how they want to shop.

On a parting note, Jemma notes that she’s been underwhelmed by the state of ecommerce over the last few years – and Tolstoy helps LSKD stand out.

“In my opinion,” says Jemma, “brands need to jump on tools like Tolstoy. They’ll differentiate you as a brand that can innovate – versus one that will lag behind. At LSKD, we want to be at the forefront of modern technology and stand out from the DTC crowd.”

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