Which service can I use to create an IG virtual shop tour of my products?

Asked 4 months ago

I am searching for a service that I can use to create a virtual shop tour of my store's products that will not disrupt my clients' time on TikTok. I know I do not like it when I click on links on social media and they take me to a website or out of the app I am on. I want this for my future clients also. Because people's attention spans are shorter, I need a service that will allow me to achieve this. The aim is to create a more user-friendly purchase experience. Any suggestions?

Jessica Hughes

Friday, October 21, 2022

An integration called Tolstoy would be the ideal app for you to use in this situation. It integrates seamlessly into most social media platforms and embeds a link in the video that leads your customers exactly where you want them to go. It's available on the Shopify App store and comes with a free version.

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