What Is an Interactive Video & Should Online Stores Use it?

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Updated December 14, 2022.

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In today’s digital world, customers are spending more time researching and shopping online than ever before. In fact, around 75% of all adult consumers shop online at least once a month. Unfortunately for e-commerce store owners, connecting with this growing community is far from easy.

In a world where virtually anyone can set up an online store with minimal initial investment and time, there are countless potential options for customers to choose from. Globally, some estimates suggest there are around 24 million online stores available today. In a space this cluttered, it takes something special to stand out, and connect with your audience.

That’s where interactive video comes in.

What Is an Interactive Video?

Interactive content facilitates greater consumer engagement, and videos are one of the best interactive marketing strategies online stores can use.

An interactive video is essentially a form of visual online content that builds on the video marketing trend. With interactive videos, consumers have the opportunity to engage with the content, by clicking on links, answering questions, and responding to polls. Around 17% of video marketers say this is one of the key video trends they plan on using today.

Interactive videos are an alternative to traditional “linear” videos where customers simply press play to start the content and watch to uncover information. In an interactive video, customers can scroll, hover, gesture, drag, click, and complete other actions to influence the content.

Common forms of interactive video include:

  • 360-degree content
  • Branched videos where users can choose their content path
  • Videos with form fields and clickable links
  • Quiz-based videos
  • Shoppable feeds

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The Benefits of Interactive Videos for Online Stores

Simply put, interactive videos give companies another way to engage with their target audience, evoke emotional responses, and differentiate their brands. According to one study, around 90% of the marketers who implemented an interactive video in their campaigns saw an increase in sales. Aside from this, there are many other benefits of using interactive videos:

Implementing interactive video into your marketing strategies shows you’re up to date with the latest trends and consumer interests. Interactive videos already account for about 36% of all videos produced.

An interactive video can also differentiate your business from other outdated content.


An interactive video allows you to deliver more personal, human content to your target audience. Videos allow your viewers to associate a face and voice with a company and a brand, while interactive videos ensure they can collect only the information they want at their own pace, creating a more personal and exciting journey.

Trackable Insights

Interactive videos give you another way to collect information about your audience by tracking what kind of components they interact with most. Just because a customer views your video doesn’t mean they’re more likely to buy something from your brand. However, if they click on specific links and answer questions, you know they’re likely to turn into a warm lead for your business.

Increased Engagement

Creating a game-like experience with your marketing efforts can increase user activity by around 591%, improving your chances of customer interest. Customers are also more likely to remember videos they interact with than straightforward video content. In fact, interactive videos are 32% more memorable.

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How to Use Interactive Videos

One of the biggest benefits of interactive videos is that they’re extremely versatile. Companies can create videos for a range of use cases, and to achieve different goals. For instance, you might decide to use an interactive video to recreate a physical store with 360-degree content and clickable hotspots. This allows customers to experience the sensation of “walking around” your store and exploring the items they’re most interested in.

You can add items directly from your product catalog to your videos, and links to their pages on your website to accelerate sales opportunities. Other options could include:

  • Providing guidance Interactive videos can be an excellent alternative to the old-fashioned user manual. They can guide your customers through how to use certain products and allow them to decide which features or capabilities they want to learn more about.
  • Shoppable feeds Interactive videos can be used to create shoppable feeds on your website or social media platform to streamline your sales funnel and boost your conversion rate.
  • Gamifying the shopping experience An interactive video can help guide customers to the perfect product in your catalog by asking them questions about their interests or preferences, boosting the chances of a sale.

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Embrace Interactive Video

Interactive videos are an excellent way for e-commerce companies and online stores to enhance the experience they offer their consumers. More than just your standard linear video, these pieces of content inspire and engage your target audience, boosting your chances of sales, brand loyalty, and growth.