How to choose the background for an interactive video

Asked a year ago

Hey guys. I'm making an interactive video as a part of a work project, and I'm having some difficulties deciding on the best background to use. The theme of my video is fashion, and the viewers would be able to click on different clothing items to learn more about them.

Are there any guidelines or general tips when it comes to video backgrounds? Is there maybe an app that could change the background for me, so I could try out a few different ones? Thanks!

Rory Harper

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Video backgrounds depend on the content but should be straightforward and uncluttered. For fashion, it's best to use a background that fits the feeling you want to convey (fitness for sport, chic for modern, etc.) and it's good to play around and see what fits. You can try different stock video backgrounds on Tolstoy.

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