5 Ways Interactive Videos Can Increase Sales (+ Examples)

Daniël de Jager - Writer for Tolstoy
By Daniël de Jager
Korana Braun - Editor for Tolstoy
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Updated December 14, 2022.

A young entrepreneur tells her company's story through an interactive video which has 4 buttons of different questions a viewer can ask.

In today's online environment, customers have become accustomed to consuming media such as videos that appeal to all their senses.

When it comes to advertising online, static images and text just don't engage well anymore. The statistics are clear: interactive video creates 66% more engagement and 44% longer viewing time than static media, generates 4-5x more page views than static website content, and has a click-through rate 10x higher than passive video. Here's how interactive videos can increase sales for your business.

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1. Interactive Videos Help Buyers Understand the Product

Traditional ads will show viewers a lot of information that is often irrelevant or too much to take in at once. With interactive videos, users are guided to what they want to know on their own terms, giving them a sense of control while introducing them to the features they want to know about.

How-to videos are especially good at making customers eager to purchase the product and try out what they saw (and chose) in the video.

A good example of this is Toyota's 4Runner interactive video that guides viewers through how and where they'll be using the vehicle while showcasing some relevant features along the way.

2. Allow Buyers to Thoroughly View the Products

Interactive videos are a great way of showcasing products as they are being used. This adds trust and eases the doubts of potential buyers since they can now see more details about the product while it is being used.

A good example is Tolstoy's interactive video on BUOY's website. It appears in the bottom-right corner after a few seconds, giving customers a little time to read the webpage and then click on the video to find out more. This specific video shows different ways the product can be used, encouraging them to make a purchase and try it for themselves.

3. Interactive Video Shopping Makes Buying Easier

One of the reasons interactive videos are better than static videos is the ability to embed links. These links can lead to the brand's website or a product's online shop page for a quick purchase. Interactive videos combined with a call to action favor quick conversions.

This live shopping experience from Mango is a great example. The video was first released as a livestream showcasing the brand's various fashion items and can now be viewed in retrospect to repeat the experience. Every time a certain outfit is shown, a link pops up for each items' shop pages. Users can then easily purchase what they like onscreen while seeing it displayed on a live model.

Screenshot of an live online shopping experience.

4. Encourage Customers to Buy More

Interactive videos are great at encouraging customers to buy more than just what they visited a website for. As the video showcases a specific product, related products can be shown as options for the viewer to explore. Giving viewers the ability to explore helps them feel more inspired to keep interacting.

An example of this is Tini Lux's Virtual Ear Stack Tool that combines an interactive video with an interactive shopping tool, giving users a full shopping experience that guides them to what they want and also recommends similar products they may like as well. Visitors can click a product to add it to their cart and then keep on shopping for more.

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5. Allow Customers to Be a Part of the Brand

Interactive videos are much more personal than static ads because seeing a friendly face to guide them through the experience puts viewers at ease. The "human element" combined with a direct brand connection is very powerful with interactive videos.

Nike's Air Max Dia interactive video does a great job of combining the human element with a brand connection. It takes customers through the process of designing an outfit with the help of a professional stylist. Through this video, Nike can sell multiple products (the entire outfit) while keeping customers fully engaged by gamifying their shopping experience.

Final Words

Interactive videos are the perfect tool to boost your business' marketing campaign. They do more than just engage viewers more than static ads: they also offer new ways for viewers to explore your products and brand.

Why not start today for free? With Tolstoy, you can launch your interactive video journey right now. Thousands of brands trust Tolstoy to help them give each of their customers a unique viewing experience.

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