5 Steps to Add YouTube Videos to Shopify (+Screenshots)

Don't miss out on all the benefits of adding videos to Shopify. Learn how to correctly embed YouTube videos in your Shopify store in 5 easy steps.

Rob Elgar - Writer for Tolstoy
By Rob Elgar
Korana Braun - Editor for Tolstoy
Edited by Korana Braun

Published November 24, 2022.

Videos provide a visually stimulating experience for your viewers, increasing engagement and conversions. It is no wonder that over 85% of marketing professionals make use of video marketing, and if you're not adding videos to your online store—you're missing out.

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Embedding YouTube Videos on Shopify Store Page

Here's how you can embed a youtube video to your store page.

Step 1. Copy YouTube Video URL

Your first step is to head to Youtube, find the video you wish to use, and copy its URL.

Copy Video URL

Step 2. Embed Responsively

Head to Embed responsively and paste the link you copied into the box of the respective channel (in this case, Youtube), and click Embed.

Embed responsively

Step 3. Copy the Responsive Embed Code Snippet

Select and copy the entire snippet code that appears below.

Copy Snippet

Step 4. Open Shopify Dashboard & Find Your Page

Log in to your Shopify and navigate to Online store > Pages and select the page you wish to add the video to.

Select Page

Step 5. Click “Insert Video” & Add Embed Code

Finally, from the formatting icon panel, select Insert video.

Insert video

In the popup window, paste your responsive video embed code and select Insert Video.

To add a video to your product gallery, navigate to Shopify Dashboard > Products, and select the product you wish to edit.

Under the media section, select Add from URL and paste the video link.

Video to product gallery

Insert Videos Into Shopify Product Description

To insert a video into your product description, simply select Insert video from the product description pannel, paste your video snippet, and click Insert video.

video to product description

Adding videos to your Shopify products and pages can easily be done in a few simple steps, but the benefits of doing so are seemingly endless, some of which include increased engagement and improved sales.

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