Can I use shoppable video to give my Shopify clients a fun buyer journey?

Asked a year ago

Ever since I found out about shoppable video and how much it has changed the video marketing game, I have been looking for ways in which I can apply this concept to my business. My only issue is that I don’t know if this can be implemented for Shopify stores, but I need to incorporate it into my business strategy somehow. I want my business to have a creative and unique value that my customers will enjoy. Would demonstrating the uses or benefits of my products through shoppable videos add a fun buying journey?

Jessica Hughes

Thursday, October 20, 2022

You can definitely use shoppable videos to give your Shopify clients a fun buyer journey. One way to do this is to implement the Tolstoy integration from the Shopify app store into your shopfront. It takes one click and a few minutes to set up, with no coding knowledge required.

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