How do video backgrounds affect the tone of interactive videos?

Asked a year ago

I hope this doesn't sound too abstract, but I'd like to know more about how the background of a video can affect the mood and tone of the video as a whole. I'm also mainly focused on interactive and shoppable videos, so I'd like to use the background in a way that would help me engage the viewers and improve the overall "interaction".

What kind of background should I choose if I want to make the mood more cheerful and dynamic?

Micah Rollins

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A cluttered and busy backdrop can distract viewers from your products, while a plain backdrop can come across as lifeless and boring.

If you want to bring across a lighter, happier mood in your videos, then making use of a bright colorful background, with objects that can be associated with good times will make a huge difference.

Think of using animals, plants, and other similar objects to bring life to the space.

To improve interaction, you could consider using items in the background that relate to the products you are selling, thus creating an instant link in the viewer's mind.

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