Which app can I use to create interactive shopping on my store's IG?

Asked 4 months ago

Shoppable videos are making a huge impact for brands, especially on social media platforms like Instagram (IG). I have been meaning to hop on this trend and increase my store conversions and clicks on all the platforms where my business is active. The problem is that when people shop on social media, they click on links, and this takes them to a different site. I don’t want to interrupt my customers' viewing experience when they click on my products while scrolling through the reels on IG.

Yael Bauer

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Tolstoy, available on the Shopify app store, would be perfect for your needs. It takes less than a minute to set it up and integrate it into your social media pages, with no coding experience required. Your customer's shopping experience will be seamless and uninterrupted, with interactive, clickable links available directly inside your videos.

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