How Does Shoppable Video Technology Work?

Shoppable videos increase conversions by engaging customers and enabling seamless and easy shopping. But, how does shoppable technology work? Let's find out.

Rob Elgar - Writer for Tolstoy
By Rob Elgar
Korana Braun - Editor for Tolstoy
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Updated December 26, 2022.

Shoppable videos are a useful tool that allows for more meaningful interactions and ensures increased conversions while gathering valuable user data as customers engage with the videos.

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Understanding Shoppable Video Technology

Shoppable videos make use of embedded links for purchasable items within videos. These links will redirect customers to where they can buy the item without needing to leave the video page.

Customers are able to view products, make a purchase, and go back to the video without disrupting their shopping experience. Shoppable videos have created a real-world, interactive shopping experience where customers never need to leave the social or video platform, ultimately simplifying the shopping experience.

Benefits of Shoppable Videos

  • Simplify the buying process: Shoppable videos shorten your marketing funnel, allowing customers to view, click, and buy in the same place.
  • Increase customer engagement: Videos increase engagement, and are a cornerstone in online marketingith the addition of Shoppable links, this goes a step further.
  • Increase conversion rate: Because the buying process is streamlined, customers need to take fewer steps, which decreases dropouts and increases conversion rates.
  • Improve brand loyalty: When customers can view a product demonstration they have a better idea of what they're purchasing, thus building trust and returning customers.
  • Boost sales: As the buying process is simplified, more customers will make it to the final step without complications, and make a purchase.

Encourage engagement, place a product link within the first few shots, and focus on a few products in your shoppable videos to see your sales rise.

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