How to Find Quality Product Videos for Your Dropshipping Store

Want to enhance your dropshipping business' product presentation? Learn how to find quality product videos to best present your items and generate more revenue.

Ali Shah - Writer for Tolstoy
By Ali Shah
Nevena Radulović - Tolstoy Editor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published May 7, 2023.

Although running a dropshipping store doesn't require you to have a physical storefront or any upfront inventory budget, you still need to think about product presentation.

Dropshipping is a business model where a retailer doesn't keep inventory of the products they sell but purchases items from a third-party supplier who ships the products directly to the customer.

One of the key elements of a successful dropshipping store is the ability to effectively showcase the products you're selling. This is where product videos come in—quality product videos can help potential customers get a better understanding of the product and its features, ultimately helping drive conversions. Along with improving customer experience, quality product videos also build trust with your customers.

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1. Research Your Products

The first step to finding quality product videos for your dropshipping store is thoroughly researching your products. This includes not only knowing your products' features and benefits but also how appealing they'd appear to your target audience.

By learning more about your target audience, you can make more informed decisions about what elements your product videos should have.

2. Search for Videos

When searching for quality product videos for your online store, head to different search engines like Google and YouTube. You should select the videos that emphasize the products' benefits and features, but make sure they also have clear visuals and cover all angles of the product.

In addition, pay attention to the creator’s reputation to ensure the video is reliable. If possible, consider reaching out to the manufacturer directly to see if they have any product videos available that you can use in your store.

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3. Credit the Creators

When using product videos created by others in your store, it's important to credit the creators for transparency. You can do so by including the link to their channel or website or simply by mentioning their name in the video description.

This can also lead to a great collaboration if you find a creator that aligns with your brand and audience. Reaching out to them to create more product videos for your store can help build a relationship with the creator and give you regular quality content that resonates with your audience.

Easily Find Your Ideal Product Videos

Having high-quality product videos can significantly improve the performance of your dropshipping business. They help present your items in the best light possible, build trust with your audience, and ultimately drive sales.

While choosing the best product videos to feature in your store can seem challenging, you can simplify the process and make sure you've made the right pick by researching your items and target audience, looking for trustworthy videos, and partnering with artists.