4 Tips to Easily Collect Customer Video Testimonials

Need help collecting customer video testimonials? Here are 4 tips to get the best testimonials and kickstart your interactive video marketing campaign.

Daniël de Jager - Writer for Tolstoy
By Daniël de Jager
Joel Taylor - Editor for Tolstoy
Edited by Joel Taylor
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Updated January 23, 2023.

Most customers are tired of advertisements that keep pushing products on them. So, a great way to approach your marketing campaign from a fresh angle is to use customer video testimonials where real people explain the benefits of your product. It's much more convincing when viewers see people they can relate to offering an honest opinion.

Here's how you can persuade your customers to provide you with invaluable video testimonials.

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1. Ask at the Right Time

Don't jump the gun and ask your customers to do this for you before they've had the time to test the product. Their testimonial will be much more genuine and valuable once they've explored your product—and it will also give you a chance to address any issues they may run into.

2. Offer Incentives

Video testimonials are a lot more complex than 5-star reviews or text comments. So, tailor each outreach to the specific customer. For example, you can do it as a follow-up on a positive review that you can see the customer put effort into. Offering incentives, like discounts or free products, can persuade them to help you out with little cost to your business.

3. Offer to Create a Script

While you want the customer to explain their personal experience, it's easier for them and better for your marketing team to offer your customers a script. Having a script is likely to reduce any nervousness or stammering that may come with speaking on video.

4. Explain the Value of Testimonials for Your Business

If the customer likes your product and appreciates your business, explaining to them how valuable their testimonial would be (without being too pushy, of course) will go a long way. Work with customers who will understand their value to your business, as they usually create the best testimonials.

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Final Thoughts

Now you have all you need to start collecting customer testimonials. If you could use some additional help creating interactive testimonial videos, partnering with a platform like Tolstoy, which understands the medium and will stay with you every step of the way, is bound to improve your chances of success.