What are the common mistakes when adding clickable links to videos?

Asked a year ago

I've never used links in my videos before, so I'd like to avoid the most common mistakes if possible. So, what should I keep in mind when adding clickable links?

Also, if you have any additional advice, tips, or ideas regarding clickable links and the best ways to include them in videos, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.

Horace Dickson

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Adding clickable links to your videos is a simple practice, but there are a few things that can destroy an otherwise successful marketing video. Some of these include:

  • Not making links clear enough for viewers to see
  • Using too many links which distracts the viewer
  • Using bad placement of links (whether its position or time)
  • Not being transparent with what you want, or about affiliate links
  • Using irrelevant links
  • Failing to test links before launching the video

It's important to ensure that your viewer is always kept in mind. Make sure that your links add value to them. If not, its best to leave the link out.

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