What are the benefits of using video content in e-commerce email campaigns?

Asked a year ago

I'm not a big fan of email campaigns, but a colleague told me that combining them with video marketing could be a good idea for promoting our e-commerce business. I'm curious to know more about how that works. Could you tell me some advantages of using videos in email campaigns, for e-commerce mainly?

Deshawn Bolton

Monday, May 01, 2023

Using video content in your email marketing campaign brings all the usual benefits that are expected from email campaigns such as improved engagement, better CTR, brand awareness, and higher conversions, however, the video gives you an edge that traditional email marketing does not.

Video content is more engaging and is far more likely to be shared, and viewed to the end of a message than written content. Once someone sees a product in action or hears a message from a "real person" they are far more likely to buy the product or seek further information.

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