What does the term build your own adventure in shoppable videos mean?

Asked a year ago

I'm trying to make some interesting and unique shoppable videos for my e-commerce store, and I came across a blog mentioning "build your own adventure" with shoppable videos. Thanks for the help.

Rob Elgar

Rob Elgar

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

"Build your own adventure" refers to interactive videos where viewers have the ability to control the outcomes of particular events.

Although this is usually seen in videos created for pure entertainment, when combined with a shoppable video, allowing your viewers to fully immerse themselves in your story or product will create a deeper bond, and therefore a higher chance of a conversion.

"Build your own adventure" shoppable video examples include both interactive product displays, where viewers can navigate around a product, or with stories that are made to connect the brand with the potential customer.

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