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See how Level 1620 increased conversion rates

Tolstoy allows eCommerce site Level 1620 to educate their audience and promote their unique accessories through an interactive shopping experience. Level 1620 embedded a Tolstoy on their landing page which offers viewers a discount for finishing, and saw a boost in conversions of over 68%. See how they did it!

Why eCommerce use Tolstoy
Increase conversion and sales
Showcase more products
Improve engagement and build trust
See how Bret at Novusweb generates leads

Tolstoy allows husband and wife team at Novus Web a way to welcome visitors and capture leads. Bret and Cindy had been struggling for years to tell their unique story and follow up with potential clients. With Tolstoy, Novus Web was immediately able to capture 3x more emails and signups to their courses.

Why Agencies use Tolstoy
Personal connection to leads
Improve outreach
Optimize Self Service
See how Charlotte at Yotpo Qualifies in-bound leads

Charlotte uses Tolstoy to qualify inbound leads by walking them through a questionnaire. Her Tolstoy allows her to maintain the feel of a 1-on-1 call while automating this process and saving her extensive time each day. 
She integrates her Tolstoy with a calendly link, so her potential leads can schedule a call with her at the moment of highest interest

Why Sales teams use Tolstoy
Automates sales processes
Improve outreach
Streamline onboarding
See how Ashley welcomes new clients

Ashley Kim is a licensed real estate agent in PA & NY, she needed a quick way to segment leads when they landed on her site. Ashley created a Tolstoy which allowed her to engage with potential clients face to face, in their moments of highest intent. Check out her Tolstoy here.

Why Agents use Tolstoy
Build trust in potential buyers
Convey the agent’s skill set
Increase in inquiries
Wanna work with us? Send us your Tolstoy, like Keren did

Tolstoy found candidates with Tolstoy. When looking for a customer success manager who could assist with creative direction, the team tasked potential candidates with creating a Tolstoy. Check out how Keren displayed her personality and storytelling skills.

Why HR teams use Tolstoy
Engage talent
Streamline recruitment processes
Connect to candidates on a deeper level

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